Cutting Costs for your Wedding

Cutting Wedding Costs


I’m sure you are all too aware just how expensive planning the wedding of your dreams can be, with that in mind we have put together some tips for cutting costs for your wedding without scrimping on overall effect. Try out some of the tips below to see just how much you can save by looking at what’s available in your area or within your circle of friends.

Don’t be afraid to ask for extra’s free of charge

When booking your venue or service provider, be prepared to haggle for those little extra’s that would normally end up costing you an arm and a leg.

Ask your venue of choice for extra’s to be included in your package price free of charge:

  • Rooms for the Bridal Party
  • Covers for the chairs in the dining area
  • Bar extension
  • Tea, coffee and tasty bites for your guests upon arrival
  • A round of drinks for the toast
  • Free corkage if you’re planning on providing your own wine

wine corkage & seating covers

Reduce the number of people in your bridal party

Sometimes it’s not possible to have everyone you would like in your bridal party and the fear of offending always creeps in when it comes to numbers. However, decking out your bridal party in dresses and morning suits can be an expensive business so it may be worth your while reducing the numbers if possible. Don’t worry, we are sure your friends and family will understand that weddings don’t come cheap these days and will be happy to help you plan and look forward to the big day in any way they can.

Avoid the Holiday Seasons

If you’re looking to cut the costs on your venue of choice then we would suggest avoiding holidays such as Valentines Day, Easter & Christmas. These 3 holidays are the busiest on the calendar, so by avoiding these times of the year you should save yourself some hard-earned cash!

DIY Favours & Table Settings

For those of you who have an eye for craft (or have a family member or friend who can help), DIY wedding favours and table settings are a real money saver. There is nothing nicer than adding something personal to your wedding, something that people can take home with them, frame or simply remember you by.  Choose from the list below or try to incorporate a hobby of craft of your own:

Picture of DIY Homemade cookies and flowers



  • Homemade chocolates or truffles
  • Homemade biscuits
  • DIY Place settings
  • A CD with your wedding playlist for every guest
  • Personalised IOU’s
  • Homemade soaps
  • Flower seeds from your very own garden, with a little note from the happy couple on how best to grow them.
Call in Favours from Friends and Family

If you can call in favours from members of your family or social circle, this is where you can make the real savings. Do you know anyone who’s great with a camera, or someone who loves to garden and may have just the flowers you need for your bouquet? Don’t feel embarrassed to ask, your friends and family will be only delighted to help out and will take great pride in telling other guests all about their contribution to your big day.


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