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Your wedding invites are the first impression your guests will have of your big day and hence set the tone for the occasion months prior to the date. Here at The Wedding Scribblers we like to provide you with as much choice as you can imagine. No need to limit yourself to standard templates or off the shelf invites, when we can produce top quality bespoke stationery right here!   When to send out your invites As a general rule of thumb, wedding invites should be sent out at least 2 months in advance when getting married locally. You may also want to send save the date cards prior to this to family and friends who may have to travel long distances. This will give them time to book flights, accommodation and arrange time off work if required. If you and your fiancé are planning a wedding abroad, we would recommend sending invites up to 6 months in advance and if possible, providing your guests with a save the date card up to a year beforehand. Remember for weddings outside the country it is only fair to give your guests as much notice as possible in order to give them ample time to make the necessary arrangements.   Wedding invite colour schemes The colour scheme will be very important for some couples who will wish to incorporate the wedding party hues into their invites, and coordinate all of their stationery with the bridesmaids dresses and grooms party attire. There are no limitations when it comes to the colour of your wedding invites and here at the Wedding Scribblers we are happy to advise you on tones that really give a striking first impression. Check out our last blog post about this years wedding stationery trends for more detailed information.   Designing your wedding invite When it comes to the design of your wedding invite, you have a limitless amount of choices. Some of the more recognised layouts will always be popular with our clients, however we are very open to creating unique invites to your very own specifications.   Things to do when preparing to send your wedding invites:

  • Prior to making a list of guests, set a budget. It’s unfortunately almost impossible to invite everyone you know so you have to give yourself a cut-off point. Remember, don’t be afraid of offending anyone, people understand that weddings can be expensive
  • Make a list of all the guests you want at your wedding. If you find that the number of guests is larger than your budget allows, consider sending evening invites to some.
  • Get in touch with us here at The Wedding Scribblers to discuss your design and place your order for wedding invites, save the date cards and any other wedding stationery you require.
  • Buy plenty of stamps!!!
  • Evening invites can be sent after the main church/meal invites go out.

  Preparation is key! Here at The Wedding Scribblers, we’re a big advocate of writing lists! Once you’ve written things down it will give you time to focus on organising the rest of your wedding without having to worry about forgetting details. There’s a lot to do and enjoying the build-up to your big day is a big part of the process. Get in touch with a member of The Wedding Scribblers team for a chat about your wedding invitation requirements, we’re always on hand to assist our prospective brides and grooms!

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